Quantum Information (including quantum fundamentals, tests of quantum mechanics, cryptography, squeezing, entanglement, error correction and detection, classical simulation of quantum systems, and quantum simulation)
Quantum Software (including compilers, programming languages, quantum computing stacks, user platforms)
Quantum Computing (including algorithms, gate operations, qubit readout, error correction and detection, quantum annealing, quantum memory, quantum computing systems, benchmarking and performance characterization, architectures, and noisy intermediate-scale quantum algorithms and devices)
Quantum Sensing and Metrology (including quantum electric and magnetic field sensors, entanglement-based remote sensing, quantum standards and quantum International System of Units, quantum-enhanced clocks/timing, quantum-enhanced position/orientation/navigation sensing, other quantum sensing and metrology)
Quantum Networking and Communications (including single photon sources and detectors, quantum repeaters, transduction of quantum information, quantum key distribution, distributed quantum processing, remote entanglement generation, entanglement distillation, architecture, protocols, quantum internet)
Physical Implementations (including trapped ions, superconducting qubits, neutral atoms, photons, color centers, spin qubits in silicon, quantum dots, nanomechanics, magnetic qubits, phonons, topologically protected qubits, and novel qubit technologies)
Enabling Technologies (including cryogenics, classical control and readout electronics, micro/nanofabrication, systems integration, signal interconnect, packaging, microwave techniques, lasers and optical techniques, integrated photonics, timing and synchronization, quantum-limited amplifiers, signal processing, materials science, and design and simulation tools)


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