Scalable QKD Postprocessing System With Reconfigurable Hardware Accelerator

Key distillation is an essential component of every quantum key distribution (QKD) system because it compensates for the inherent transmission errors of a quantum channel. However, the interoperability and throughput aspects of the postprocessing components are often neglected. In this article, we propose a high-throughput key distillation framework that supports multiple QKD protocols, implemented in […]

Design and Analysis of Digital Communication Within an SoC-Based Control System for Trapped-Ion Quantum Computing

Large-scale quantum information processing requires the use of quantum error-correcting codes to mitigate the effects of noise in quantum devices. Topological error-correcting codes, such as surface codes, are promising candidates, as they can be implemented using only local interactions in a 2-D array of physical qubits. Procedures, such as defect braiding and lattice surgery, can […]

Simultaneous Execution of Quantum Circuits on Current and Near-Future NISQ Systems

In the noisy intermediate-scale quantum (NISQ) era, the idea of quantum multiprogramming , running multiple quantum circuits (QCs) simultaneously on the same hardware, helps to improve the throughput of quantum computation. However, the crosstalk, unwanted interference between qubits on NISQ processors, may cause performance degradation when using multiprogramming. To address this challenge, we introduce palloq […]