Pulse-Engineered Controlled-V Gate and Its Applications on Superconducting Quantum Device

In this article, we demonstrate that, by employing the OpenPulse design kit for IBM superconducting quantum devices, the controlled-V gate ( cv gate) can be implemented in about half the gate time to the controlled-X gate ( cx or cnot gate) and consequently 65.5% reduced gate time compared to the cx -based implementation of cv […]

Deep Space Network Scheduling Using Quantum Annealing

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Deep Space Network (DSN) is responsible for communication and navigation for several NASA and international missions. The DSN comprises three complexes located in Goldstone (California, USA), Cambera (Australia), and Madrid (Spain). This distribution in longitude guarantees a full sky coverage. Each complex has one 70-m and several 34-m […]

Experimental Demonstrations of Native Implementation of Boolean Logic Hamiltonian in a Superconducting Quantum Annealer

Experimental demonstrations of quantum annealing with “native” implementation of Boolean logic Hamiltonians are reported. As a superconducting integrated circuit, a problem Hamiltonian whose set of ground states is consistent with a given truth table is implemented for quantum annealing with no redundant qubits. As examples of the truth table, nand and nor are successfully fabricated […]