Quantum Attacks on HCTR and Its Variants

Recently, in Asiacrypt 2019, Bonnetain et al. have shown attacks by quantum adversaries on FX construction and Even-Mansour Cipher without using superposition queries to the encryption oracle. In this article, we use a similar approach to mount new attacks on Hash-Counter (HCTR) and Hash-Counter-Hash (HCH) constructions. In addition, we mount attacks on HCTR, tweakable-HCTR, and […]

Programmable Quantum Networked Microgrids

Quantum key distribution (QKD) provides a potent solution to securely distribute keys for two parties. However, QKD itself is vulnerable to denial of service (DoS) attacks. A flexible and resilient QKD-enabled networked microgrids (NMs) architecture is needed but does not yet exist. In this article, we present a programmable quantum NMs (PQNMs) architecture. It is […]

High-Dimensional Semiquantum Cryptography

A semiquantum key distribution (SQKD) protocol allows two users, one of whom is restricted in their quantum capabilities to being nearly classical, to establish a shared secret key, secure against an all-powerful adversary. The study of such protocols helps to answer the fundamental question of “how quantum” must a protocol be to gain an advantage […]