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  • computation includes computer and network architectures, benchmarks, manufacturing, quantum annealing
  • information includes error correction codes, noisy computing, artificial intelligence,
  • communication includes cryptography, quantum key distribution, quantum Internet and networking, processor-processor communication
  • software includes programming languages, operating systems, compilers, and algorithms
  • hardware includes fidelity improvement, gates, repeaters, memory, control electronics, design tools, cryogenics, packaging and system integration, photonic/electronic/magnetic/superconducting circuits hardware
  • devices include ion traps, transmon qubits, donor atoms in silicon, quantum dots, Majorana fermions, nitrogen vacancies in diamond, trapped electrons in semiconductors, other photonic/electronic/magnetic/superconducting qubit architectures
  • metrology includes quantum spin sensors, reliability, testing, measurements and standards
  • computer architecture includes quantum scale-up, design and organization of the quantum/classical information processor, quantum error correction, and hardware structures specific to certain applications or classes of applications

Quantum-engineering aspects of …

  • superconductivity include Josephson-junction qubits for gate-based quantum computation/information/communication, quantum annealing readout, interface electronics and scalable interconnects to/from quantum processors
  • magnetics include magnonic quantum transduction, cavity magnonics, spin-wave solitons, qubits based on electron and nuclear spin degrees of freedom
  • microwave techniques include qubit gates based on microwave fields, confinement of microwave photons, quantum-limited amplification, microwave characterization of devices
  • photonics include photon entanglement, single-photon sources and detectors, photonic devices and applications that support quantum information systems
  • signal processing include error-resilient quantum signal processing, transform-based fidelity enhancements, error detection, entanglement distillation
  • frequency control include quantum clocks, network clocks, spectroscopy, sensors