Quantum volume (QV) has become the de-facto standard benchmark to quantify the capability of noisy intermediate-scale quantum (NISQ) devices. While QV values are often reported by NISQ providers for their systems, we perform our own series of QV calculations on 24 NISQ devices currently offered by IBM Q, IonQ, Rigetti, Oxford Quantum Circuits, and Quantinuum (formerly Honeywell). Our approach characterizes the performances that an advanced user of these NISQ devices can expect to achieve with a reasonable amount of optimization but without white-box access to the device. In particular, we compile QV circuits to standard gate sets of the vendor using compiler optimization routines where available, and we perform experiments across different qubit subsets. We find that running QV tests requires very significant compilation cycles, QV values achieved in our tests typically lag behind officially reported results and also depend significantly on the classical compilation effort invested.
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