Quantum computing, communications, sensing, and simulations are radically transformative technologies, with great potential to impact industries and economies. Worldwide, national governments, industries, and universities are moving to create a new class of workforce—the Quantum Engineers. Demand for such engineers is predicted to be in the tens of thousands within a five-year timescale, far exceeding the rate at which the world’s universities can produce Ph.D. graduates in the discipline. How best to train this next generation of engineers is currently a matter of debate. Quantum mechanics—long a pillar of traditional physics undergraduate degrees—must now be merged with traditional engineering offerings. This article discusses the history, development, and the first year of operation of the world’s first undergraduate degree in quantum engineering to be grown out of an engineering curriculum. The main purpose of this article is to inform the wider discussion, now being held by many institutions worldwide, on how best to formally educate the Quantum Engineer.
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