We present a divide-and-conquer approach to deterministically prepare Dicke states |Dnk (i.e., equal-weight superpositions of all n -qubit states with Hamming weight k ) on quantum computers. In an experimental evaluation for up to n=6 qubits on IBM Quantum Sydney and Montreal devices, we achieve significantly higher state fidelity compared to previous results. The fidelity gains are achieved through several techniques: our circuits first “divide” the Hamming weight between blocks of n/2 qubits, and then “conquer” those blocks with improved versions of Dicke state unitaries (Bärtschi et al. FCT’2019). Due to the sparse connectivity on IBM’s heavy-hex-architectures, these circuits are implemented for linear nearest neighbor topologies. Further gains in (estimating) the state fidelity are due to our use of measurement error mitigation and hardware progress.

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